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You’re Alive, So Why Not Show Up?

When you wake up everyday, you have a choice of who you want to be that day, this day. Why not chose to BE the YOU that you really want to be?

When I say you have a choice, what I’m saying is, no one else can create your life experience. You create it for yourself. The words you chose, the emotions you feel, the thoughts you think and the thoughts you believe.

This doesn’t mean that if you wake up a hot mess, and get angry for some silly reason that you’ve screwed your day up.  No, chose the next moment to feel love, or the next, or the next. You see where I’m going. Every moment is a choice, and when you show up and BE you, the REAL YOU, the outcome is always love.

You will still get angry, you may still say something you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Choosing to be YOU, means being flawed, and loving who you are anyway. So be a hot mess AND chose love.

Your emotions will always be with you and they will guide you. That’s a really good thing! So you’re pissed….awesome! Why? How can you use that to choose a more loving change to make in your life? I’m not even talking about major life shifts here, I’m talking about the little things. How or IF you answer the phone when it’s been ringing all day and it’s driving you crazy and you just want 5 minutes to yourself!

Every moment of your life is a choice. All of those moments add up to create YOUR life. Show UP! Don’t let one moment of frustration drag you into a moment of anger and create a whole wasted day of feeling sorry for yourself. Show UP and say or do something out of love, even if you say it to yourself in the mirror. Make that choice, and let that moment of love flow into another moment of love and create an amazing day!

Today, I woke up in a grateful mood. Awesome, right? Then with one comment, I let anger take over and I said something I didn’t mean. It took me a good hour to shift back to LOVE.  I know it doesn’t have to take 30 seconds even. However, I’m human, I’m flawed, and I LOVE myself for being both. I made a choice for myself to go to the beach for 5 minutes of meditation (because I only had a few minutes to spare), and in that choice of love…what those 5 minutes gave back to me feels like a warmth and love that can’t be shaken.

I am writing this right now to BE ME, to be real, and to show up.  I have made a promise to myself to show up AS I AM (even a hot mess) everyday.  I’m terrified of doing videos, and I am going to attempt to make a video everyday BECAUSE it scares the crap out of me to do that and put it out there. I’m going to write everyday, because it’s who I am, it’s what I love…and I KNOW I have a heart-centered purpose for sharing MY message!

Show UP.  BE you! Be REAL. BE LOVE!

believe. IN YOU
– TaraBella

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