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Why Empowerment IS More Important Than Education

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MEHave you ever had a rush of inspiration that left you feeling like you could conquer the world? Maybe it was an achievement. A goal, or even becoming a new mother. It is a feeling of self-awe over an accomplishment, a confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to, a heart-felt and genuine glow of love. That feeling is what drives people to do great things.

I am not knocking education, in fact I love learning. I am simply saying that THAT feeling of empowerment can change the world faster than education. I know you have felt this feeling in your life, more than once. It could be a winning touchdown, it could be first place in the spelling bee, it is an electricity that courses through your veins and you feel superhuman for an instant.  

This is not your ego I’m talking about here, it is a feeling that you know deep in your body, in the core of your heart and soul. It is a feeling that every person wants to feel, longs to feel, and yet it is not considered important by most standards. Why?

There may be a few humble souls reading this and wondering if I’m talking about bravado or machismo…I’m not. I’m talking about confidence and a sense of self. It is your own self-worth. It is what makes you, YOU. It is your purpose, your passion, your path, your gift, your reason for living.  It is also what so many people lose as they pass through adolescence.

We need to empower our youth, we need to empower ourselves, we need to place high importance on empowerment altogether. Have you ever wondered why the quarterback in high school never went on to outshine that winning touchdown moment? It is because he never thought he could. It has nothing to do with where you grew up, whether you came from a privileged family, or what scholarships you earned. Men and women throughout history have made huge waves and successes without finishing college or even high school in some cases. Why? Because they believed they could.

There is a common belief that education gives you a better life, and for some it does, but it isn’t everything. If you don’t believe you are worthy of success, you won’t be. You may have a few successes in life, typically those are followed by a downturn for those who don’t believe they are worthy.

Self-worth, your state of mind, and your beliefs drive your life. The number of people suffering from depression today is astounding. How many of those people feel unworthy, unloved, and unable to believe in themselves?

The beautiful thing is, you can become empowered in a day, at any age, and any stage of your life.  Empowerment doesn’t have to come from years of therapy to undo your childhood. It doesn’t have to take years to get that feeling of self-worth back. It literally can be done in an instant.

How? It is all in that FEELING. Take a few moments right now to remember a time in your life that you felt empowered. If you can’t remember a time in your life, maybe you can recall a scene from a movie where you felt what the character was feeling. An accomplished goal, a shining moment, childbirth is something that my female clients reference all of the time, that moment when you are holding your newborn and it feels like you could conquer the world. Maybe it is applause after you gave a speech. It is the feeling I have right now as I write this post. Find that moment and FEEL it for 30 seconds, a minute. That is the FEELING that changes people’s lives.

That FEELING is the most important thing you can do for yourself every single day. How to reach for that FEELING should be taught in school. Empowerment could be the new normal for every person.

If you are ready to FEEL that everyday, and to feel worthy of the greatness that is within you, do these three things everyday, or a few times per week.  If you make this a priority it will change your life.

3 Daily Practices that will change your life:

Write.  Journal, or even speak out loud in your car or while you are showering.

  1. All of your fears or worries (in this moment), just get them out in 3 minutes or less. This is not an invitation to feel sorry for yourself, or to feel like a victim. This is to clear space, to get the worst scenarios your mind plays out…into the open. Just put it out there and don’t dwell on it. 
  2. IF you had everything imaginable, what would your life look like, feel like, taste like? Start with these:
    • My home is:
    • My relationship is:
    • My friends are:
    • My body is:
    • My lifestyle is:
    • My finances are:
  3. Lastly, end with 3-5 I AM statements. You can repeat any of these as you think about throughout your day. For example:
    • I AM LOVED

Do these 3 things everyday for a week and see how your life changes. Do them everyday for a month and you will feel amazing. Do them everyday for 6 months, and you will feel like a different person…you will feel like YOURSELF!

Believe. IN YOU

TaraBella is a Life Coach, writer, expressive arts therapist and mentor.  Since 2007 she has been on a mission to be a shining light and inspiration daily. With a focus on self-love and authenticity, her passion is to help women discover their own inner passion and live truly empowered and authentic lives!

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