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When did it become heroic to give up on your dreams?

don't give up hopeIs Hope Dead?

After overhearing a conversation between two professionals at a coffee shop, I was compelled to address this topic of hope being dead. The conversation was about how college students are delusional about hope and the idea they can do anything they want in their career, be happy, and successful. That it’s just a slow agonizing trip to the reality that life sucks and you come to terms with that over time and own up to the day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck existence that most people live in. Giving credit to those who work hard and stick with that that at least financial success can be theirs, and that the sooner these young people realize that, the sooner they can make the big bucks, and have their fun on their two week vacations.

Now of course I was eavesdropping, but I was also fuming!  In fact I wanted to walk over and tell them both that their own limiting beliefs are why they are where they are today.

Let me ask you, if you share any shred of this same belief, what do you tell your children, or will you tell your future children when they say they want to grow up to be firemen, ballerinas,  scientists, artists or some other dream? Do you or will you tuck them in and say “that’s nice honey, but you can never have that”?  

Dreams are not dead, and neither is hope. What is running rampant is limiting beliefs, shoulds, have tos, can’ts and nevers. Depression is affecting our middle schoolers and even younger. Examples of success are falling short. Success is being defined by money instead of happiness.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life miserable and put on a fake smile until you can finally explode the truth onto your college aged child? With a “grow up and get real, life is hard and unsatisfying” type of conversation?

What we and our children need are the examples of more people choosing to be BIG instead of small. Choosing to take a chance on their dreams instead of sweeping them under the rug and watching them grown into cancerous regret.

Is everyone sleep-walking through life in a (happiness) drug induced delirium?  When did it become heroic to give up on your dreams?

I am so glad I missed that memo, that wave of small sameness. I certainly am not without my own share of limiting beliefs, but I recognize that as such. I recognize that my thinking creates my reality. If I preface every sentence with I CAN, I receive more goodness into my daily life than if I preface every sentence with I CAN’T…  

Life is not as difficult as we make it out to be. Truth is when you just stop trying to please everyone around you, and stop caring so much what they think. Stop trying to create an Instagram that is envy-worthy while you slowing die inside because you are so unhappy.

Life is made up of moments of decision. In each and every moment YOU get to decide how you desire to feel.  You get to decide who you desire to be. You get to decide how you want to show up for yourself and for others. You get to decide what happiness means to you.

Stop trying to fit into a box that you’ve designed on paper. Throw your check-list in the garbage. Take an hour and cut through the bullshit, and ask what it is you really really desire your life to look like, to be.

If it’s success, fame, and fortune you desire, that’s awesome. I’m not suggesting a life of lack is the road to happiness, quite the opposite in fact. I’m suggesting that abundance is already alive and existing in your life. It’s your beliefs that create it.

If you say to yourself everyday, I’d love to be an artist, but they are always broke, depressed, and have no future….you’re right. If you say to yourself, I’d love to be an artist, there are so many passionate successful artists out there, why not me? You’re right again. The difference is your perspective, and how you frame it. How you BELIEVE it to be.

If you feel you were born to do amazing things and live a BIG life, but you spend your days doing what you think you should, and wonder why you are unhappy. Consider that doing what you should isn’t what makes you happy. Doing what you desire creates happiness.

Take a chance on yourself. Have hopes, dreams, and desires…not matter what your age. People overcome adversity everyday. People realize their dreams everyday. I’m surrounded by colleagues that are making 7-figures a year by loving life and helping others do the same.

Your steps don’t have to be huge. Change can be made in an instant. Perspective can be shifted in a moment. Consider what your life really can be if you take a chance on seeing it through your own eyes.

I promise the more often you practice this shift in perspective the easier life becomes. Choices become easier. The chances you take become bigger. You begin to feel alive with purpose, passion, and HOPE. Give yourself the same advice you’d give a child. Something tells me you wouldn’t tell them to give up hope.

So I’m telling you…don’t give up hope. Don’t give up on being the you that you truly know you CAN be.

believe. IN YOU


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