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TO-DO Lists Revised for Loving Life!

IMG_1227Today is one of those days…I’m in a take no prisoners, take no shit kinda mood.  I love it! These are the days I rock out everything on my “I love my life” list.  I have lists, yes, lots of them.  I don’t live by them…I used to.

Actually I used to have a list system.  I’d make a monster week long to-do list on Monday mornings. Then I’d go through and label 1 – 5 the top things on my list.  Then I’d make a daily list with A’s, B’s, and C’s for in order of importance.  I’d even put “eat lunch” on my list….usually as a B.  I’d put take a 5 minute break as a C!  Holy cow those were different days.  Now, I get way more done and don’t live by my lists…I still make them but they are WAY different.

Now I make lists of BIG Changes in my life in the next 30 days….I may still label 1 -5, but then I put it away and don’t look at it again for 30 or 60 days. I probably will make 10 more anyway.  My daily to-do list looks a lot different too.  I make a list of 10 potential blog posts, or programs I want to create.  I make a list of what’s NOT WORKING and how I can change that.  Then my favorite is my BE, DO, HAVE list…I do this one a few times a month.

Want to know how I changed all of my lists from dreadful shitty to-do lists to awesome lists?  Pretty easy actually.  I stopped trying not to forget all of the shitty tasks I HAD to do.  I also decided to live my life by my own design.  Really, as adults…we aren’t going to get in trouble…we don’t need anyone’s approval…we just have to OWN our shit, and create our lives!

I used to obsess about my dishes….I could not ALLOW myself to do anything if the kitchen wasn’t clean and the dishes done.  So, this is an easy one… I tried it… all it took was one time.  I washed a pot or maybe 2, but I put the dishes in the sink, turned my back and walked away. I’ll be honest…I thought about it, but I also walked the dog to the beach.  Smiling while the sun was setting and he was romping through the water. It occurred to me that I have stupid rules.  Like WTF rules.  Really….I HAVE to do the dishes before I go out and play?  Hellooo?  Do I really want that to be a thing in my life? Nope!  So I went home, read a book and had a glass of wine and well thought that was awesome….I didn’t have to do shit I didn’t want to do before I got to do the fun stuff I really was looking forward to.

I enjoyed my evening without my own designed stupid rules

What about the dishes… Well I woke up the next day and did them while I was waiting on the coffee…seems like it took half the time too…why? Because I didn’t hate it, I didn’t mind doing in because I enjoyed my evening without my own designed stupid rules.

So back to the lists.  I may for get eat lunch some days, because I’m having too much fun! I don’t schedule breaks per se, I just make them part of my day…because they are now fun!  All the other menial to-do’s? They get done, and I don’t stress over them every day because they are staring back at me from my list.

The biggest key to making a huge change from stupid rules to loving life…start right now!  I start my day with at least 1 thing I love doing. Followed immediately by 1 action item that will move me closer to the life I dream of (because you never actually get THERE, but that’s another post).  Then the rest of the day is SO much more fun and easier than ever before.

So I challenge you to change your lists, or tear them up, or start fun ones…


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