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Grab it and GO….

i am enoughGO…with the flow!  We all know that feeling where you are taken by a rush of inspiration.  You feel on fire! You just know everything you do today is going to be awesome! Like you drop your coffee on the ground getting into your car and you think “damnit”…but when you pick up the cup you realize there is a $100 bill on the ground!  Yep….one of THOSE awesome days!

So how do you hold on to that awesome feeling? Love, gratitude, belief, forgiveness? Yep…all of those.  That good mood and inspiration can be a part of every single day. Even if you have worries, debt, a relationship that could be better, or if you can’t seem to get those last 10 pounds to fall off.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to feel in the flow.

The most often asked question I get from my clients….”Yeah but…how do I get THERE from HERE?”  So juicy!  I love it!  

We all WANT miracles, but how many of us actually expect them?  Miracles can be any size and have any impact.  It’s all about expectations and faith!  Do you actually believe good things are going to happen to you, for you, from you?  No? Well then that’s a great place to start.


  • YOU ARE AWESOME! Yes, you are enough just as you are right here…right now in whatever form. Bad hair day, jeans too tight, messy house, debt to your eyeballs….all of it. You are perfect!  Go find a sticky note pad. Write “I AM AWESOME” or “I AM ENOUGH AS I AM TODAY” or “I KICK ASS” or your own… Go stick it on your bathroom mirror. And DO NOT care if your husband, kids, or mother think you are crazy….it’s not for them (bet they’ll benefit though).  Everyday SAY IT OUT LOUD!  Try to look into your eyes and really feel the impact of your words.
  • YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME YOUR REALITY! So, if you walk around saying “I suck” and “I’ll never do what I really want to do” or “I just wasn’t born to be rich…successful…skinny” blah blah blah. It’s all bullshit!  Retrain your brain! Those sticky notes…stick them everywhere!  Or write 10 times each morning in your journal, some form or retraining positive thoughts. On your front door eyelevel…”Money comes easily and flows to me like water.” Read it on your way out every day.  On your coffee pot…”Today is going to be an amazing day…good things ARE going to happen!”  On your dashboard….”I LOVE YOU”.  You get the idea.  It may feel silly, but try it for 30 days and see if amazing things happen!!!
  • PEOPLE ARE GENEROUS…AND SO AM I! Generosity is the foe of lack.  If you want more in your life….give more. If you are saying “I can’t, I’m broke”…then I suggest you give EVEN MORE!  You don’t have to give money…you can give time, energy, sweat, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or even unwanted items taking up space in the closet you never open.  What about your favorite book?  Something inspirational?  If you do have spare money…give that!  Tip and extra $1 when you eat out.  Tape a $5 bill to the bathroom mirror in a public place with a nice note on it…”Enjoy”  or “Prosperity” something fun!  Even cooler…..expect it to come back to you!  What you give….you get back in spades!  Expect it to come back….in spades!  Word of caution though: Don’t expect it to come back from the person you gave to.  Most likely it will come back in a totally different form!  Like hide and seek…with the Universe!
  • DO WHAT YOU ENJOY….AND ENJOY IT!  If you enjoy walking on the beach….go do it!  Make a list of 5 things that make you totally happy, try to put a mix of free and paid. Here are a few of mine:
    1. Sitting on the beach listening to music
    2. pedicure baby
    3. yummy coffee
    4. breakfast/lunch with my family & friends
    5. Reading in the morning
    6. Traveling…anywhere and often
    7. Laughing till my stomach and cheeks hurt!

So how often do you do the things on your list?  Do something every week, every day if you can!  Tell guilt to take a hike and enjoy it like you really want to! This sends a gigantic message over the loudspeaker to the Universe…”hey, I like this….send me more of it!!!!”

  • BE GRATEFUL!  Don’t forget this one!  Before you go to sleep every night…say thank you!  For everything you can think of.  The common stuff like family, spouse, pets, etc.  Also the things YOU accomplished!  Like:
      1. I’m grateful that I did 10 sit ups today
      2. I’m grateful someone bought me lunch today
      3. I’m grateful I paid that bill today
      4. I’m grateful I went for a walk today
      5. I’m grateful for my awesome bed
      6. Thank you for the phone call from my friend…
      7. I’m grateful that the grocery store had my favorite ____ on sale!
  • BELIEVE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU! This is where belief comes in.  Try your damndest to stay on the gratitude train. Good things DO happen and they happen often!  Remember the coffee ground incident from up above? $100 bill lay in wait.  If you expect and believe great things happen for you….they do.  What if instead I believed “oh great…if one more bad thing happens today….” then I kicked the cup got in my car and drove off?  I’d totally miss the awesome gift from the Universe (and litter)!  How many gifts do you overlook everyday? Are you too busy feeling crappy? Or sorry for yourself? To notice how AWESOME YOU ARE! AND That the Universe is sending you constant LOVE and GIFTS?

Go out and take life by storm and BELIEVE in the GIFT that YOU ARE to everyone around you!

believe.IN YOU

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