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How to keep your focus in the Chaos!

42556808_sOh how I KNOW this topic. We are intimate…
Chaos is just a part of my life most days. Part of the reason is I like to push my limits and push myself to accomplish more. It’s kind of who I am. I know when to dial it back to take the rest periods as well…at least most of the time.

The chaos though is something I haven’t always had a handle on. In fact it has or most of my life completely ruled my world. I’ve always taken on WAY more than the average person would sanely take on, and I really love it. I feel accomplished and typically happy in my own brand of chaos.

The key to happiness in chaos is to learn to focus on the things that are most important and the things that create happiness, instead of misery. I’ve done both. In fact, I can look back on the last 18 years and see the cycle of chaos, how I’ve built it and how it has broken me time and again. At the bottom of every break I have sworn off chaos and vowed to take a slower easier road…..and the cycle repeats itself. The reason is that I really DO love the chaos! In fact I thrive in the chaos. I just had to learn to accept it as part of me and embrace what I can do with it!

It is an amazing feeling to be driven and “on fire” with a new idea and ride that wave inspiration. It is incredible!!! I can feel my heart pounding excitedly right now just thinking about it. But HOW do you harness this energy before it breaks you?

The epiphany….it tooks years to realize….is so simple.
Do what you love and what inspires you FIRST! It is SO easy…at least it sounds easy, right?
So what do I mean? Break # 1 – I LOVE to write! I always have and for many years I wrote in my journal, in high school I wrote poetry and song lyrics. I wrote when I felt sad, or needed to work through a problem. It was my constant companion for many years. At some ambitious point in my 20s I stopped writing, I just became too busy. I kept telling myself I’d get back to it, but long story short….I didn’t until I broke. I was too stressed out, and sick, and running on absolutely empty…wondering how the heck I would ever be happy again. Then through a series of events…I bought a new journal, and I have kept writing ever since.

Break #2 – Did I mention I LOVE to write? I have long wanted to write a book, but I let the largeness of the task deter me from actually seriously writing. I still continued to write in my journal every morning (okay, most mornings), and I even added in some inspirational reading…well because I enjoy it and feel it helps me to fill myself up. At some point in my mid-30s I found a new wave of ambition and inspiration to ride…and kept taking on more and more. I also found myself constantly thinking that I would eventually start writing and coaching. Then years went by and I was still thinking that I would eventually start writing and coaching….then I saw the break coming. This time I was determined to stop it. So I tried to keep doing what I was doing and trying to FIT IN some writing. Do you think it worked? Not really. From the outside maybe, but really I was seconds from breaking at any given point. So nothing I was doing was really getting my full attention.

How did I break THROUGH? I reevaluated what I wanted most. When I realized it was writing, I realized that I had everything backwards. The thing I most wanted I put last in my day. Oh, dear reader…does that make sense to you? I hope not! This is where we turn the tables too…

What do you most want? Where are you fitting it into your day? Make sure to do that one thing FIRST. Now, before I do any of my other tasks….I write. I write in my journal, I read a little, then I write for you (and me).

Now, I have found more focus in the chaos, and truly the chaos starts to fade as the order of my day creates so much more joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Your turn:
Make a list right now of what you MOST want to be doing and without excuses, make it happen FIRST in your day.
(HINT: If you want to do something that takes planning, and steps to get into. Take a step every day FIRST. Read a chapter of a book that might get you closer. Take and hour (or 15 minutes) to begin planning. Just take the step.)

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