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Feel Stuck – Unsticking Your Passion 1:1

Do you feel stuck?

feel stuckDo you feel stuck and just don’t know where you want to go or how to even begin to uncover your path?  Let’s unstick your passion!  We will work over 6 weeks to discover your passion and purpose! Once we uncover your passion, we work together to put that passion in motion!  I’ll help you to take inspired action to LIVE your passion!  Plus you get a few extras that you don’t get with a single session!

  • We’ll discover your passions and what you can do to live them with confidence
  • Feel Stuck? We’ll dig deeper into what’s blocking you from living your BEST life!
  • Learn how to move past your fears and follow your heart
  • Have the courage to break free from your past beliefs and design your life
  • How to use your emotions to guide you instead of hold you back
  • Make a plan to MOVE ahead!

Unsticking Your Passion is all about discovering what you want from life. What you enjoy, what you want more of, what you want to be, do, and have. That could be your next career, a new venture, maybe you want to travel. Whatever your passions are, together we will discover what you may be missing. Just imagine a life full of joy, happiness, less stress, more money, even more freedom.  Sound good…let’s get started on making the new you, the REAL YOU!

Unsticking Your Passion – $1350

6 – Sessions
2 – Check-Ins
Unlimited Email Access to ME for 12 weeks!

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